Health & Wellness Coaching

Take charge of your health by implementing sustainable change that supports your health goals.

Coach and client work together to explore and create strategies to become your “best self” to include:

  • Finding your motivation.
  • Identifying your strengths.
  • Learning what works best for you!

Attain your nutrition goals through food behavior awareness; identifying triggers; planning for setbacks; nutrition education and more!

Organize your time for what you need more of: exercise, work, play, you! Tools to assist you when you feel “stuck.”


  • Wellness Vision
  • 3 Month Goals
  • Weekly Strategies
  • Support & Accountability
  • Customized scheduling to fit your needs:
    • Video conference (Zoom, Skype, Webex )
    • Phone
    • Email support    

Learn how your nutrition habits are contributing to your health and begin to develop a better relationship with food and your body.
Reclaim control over your health!
• Understand the science behind calorie counting, does it really work or is there another way?
• Be held accountable for your food behaviors.
• Gain confidence in your choices with nutrition education & Support.

The Starting Point $150 one time payment
TWO 60-minute Sessions to assess where you are right now.
Session 1: Assessment - Inbody® Wellness Assessment
Session 2: Review & Plan - Personalized Nutrition/Goals & Strategies

The Long Haul
Ongoing individualized support for as long as you need it.
*All packages include:
Nutrition Assessment
Awareness Building
Ongoing Support and Accountability
Messaging with your coach

1 Month $225
2 x 60 min sessions
2 x 30min sessions
3 Months $450
6 x 60 min sessions
Beginning and final Inbody®
6 Months $900
12 x 60 min sessions
Beginning, Mid-point and final Inbody®
12 Months $1,350
Month 1-6 = 12 x 60 min sessions
Month 7-12 = 6 x 60 min sessions
Inbody every 3 months

Contact Tammy for more info or to get started on your journey!
Email: [email protected]