Freedom Kid Kare -

Relax, Enjoy...
And Don't Worry About the Kids

The KidKare program will be closing indefinitely on May 31, 2024.

Don't worry about keeping an eye on the little ones while you're at the Center – we will do that for you. Staff and plenty of activities will keep the kids busy while you're taking a class, playing racquetball, or working out.

The Kid Kare Center provides a limited duration childcare service for members while they are using the Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center. We welcome children from 6 months to 11 years of age. Maximum stay is 2 consecutive hours per day. At least one parent or guardian must be present in the Center to use this service.

KidKare is open with limited hours and availability. 

  • KidKare is no longer available on Tuesdays, only M, W, F

Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 9:00am-12:00pm

Reservations are required, no exceptions! Reservation are available for active members, both online or at the front desk. Voicemails and emails will not be accepted for reservations.

KidKare Reservation Steps

Reservation Updates!

Active Daily Admission package holders may use KidKare with the same reservation options of online or at the front desk.

All children using KidKare must be registered in our system, this is new! Please check with the front desk staff if you have questions or need to register your child.

Kidkare Payment Options:

Either KidKare membership or KidKare hourly packages are required to use KidKare. Inquire at the front desk to add KidKare to your membership or purchase a KidKare hourly package.

Your KidKare package must have enough time left to cover your expected stay before you will be able to drop off your child.

KidKare Membership Information:

You must purchase a separate KidKare membership for each child that will be using the service.

Kidkare membership will allow up to 120 minutes each day per child and limited to a single visit a day. If your visit extends beyond 120 minutes a late charge may be assessed.

If you need to remove KidKare membership from your account please submit the request in writing by the 15th of the month to prevent charges for the following month.

KidKare Hourly Package Information:

A KidKare hourly package will cost $30, the package will contain 20 digital tickets each worth up to 30 minutes in KidKare. Physical tickets will not be used, all ticket use will be handled electronically.

KidKare hourly packages may be shared by members of the same family (for this purpose ‘family’ is defined those residing within the same household and have Freedom Center accounts that are linked).

Each ticket will allow a child up to 30 minutes in KidKare, with a maximum stay of 120 minutes per day, or 3 tickets (maximum of 1 stay per day). For example, a stay of 70 minutes will count as 3 tickets. If your visit extends beyond 120 minutes an additional late charge may be assessed.

KidKare hourly packages will expire 6 months from date of purchase.

Reminders Prior to Arriving to KidKare

  • Registration can be made 24 hours in advance, and up to 1 hour before reservation time.
  • Limited space. 4:1 ratio in the nursery and 10:1 ratio in the activity room at any given time.
  • Toys and items from home are not allowed in KidKare
  • Label all bottles and cups clearly
  • No diaper bags or strollers. Send extra diaper, wipes and extra clothes in a large labeled zip lock bag.
  • No guardians beyond the KidKare supervisor desk.  Attendant will take children to the rooms.
  • Pick up will take place in the supervisor desk area


  • 0-1 hour - $3.00 per child
  • 1½ hours - $4.50 per child
  • 2 hours - $6.00 per child

Members may add Kid Kare membership to their contracts for as little as $30 per month/ per child.

Before your child’s first visit a completed Emergency Contact form must be submitted. Within one week parent/guardian must present documentation of child’s identity and birthdate (i.e. birth certificate). The Emergency Contact form and Kid Kare Policies and Procedures Manual are available in Kid Kare. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact us at (703) 993-8524.


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