If you would like to know more about any aspect of the programs and services available at the Freedom Center, please contact us:

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We would love to hear from you! Please send us a message at [email protected]

Phone Numbers & Emails

General Information/Administrative Services: [email protected] 703-993-8444
Membership Services: [email protected] 703-993-8444
Facility Rentals: [email protected] 703-993-8551
Birthday Parties: [email protected] 703-993-8444
Fitness Department: [email protected] 703-993-8532
Group Exercise Programs: [email protected] 703-993-8532
Personal Training (Including Aqua): [email protected] 703-993-8532
Aquatics Program (Instruction): [email protected] 703-993-8444
Aquatics Group Visits/Rentals: [email protected] 703-993-8551
Recreational/Sports Programs/Camps: [email protected] 703-993-8551
Arts/Education Programs: [email protected] 703-993-8551