Learn to Swim Program - Swim Lessons


We teach you and your children how to swim skillfully and safely.  In addition to swimming skills, each level includes training in basic water safety.  Students must be able to follow and accept directions and be able to take turns in order to participate in-group swim lessons.

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Levels & Descriptions

Parent & Child 1 & 2
Ages: 6 months–4yrs   Class length: 30 min
Caregiver participation required.Parent& children learn together to increase a child’s comfort level in the water and build a strong foundation of swimming readiness skills.
Parent & Child 3
Ages: 3-4yrs  Class length: 30 min
Caregiver participation requiredImprove skills learned in Parent and Child 2, teach more advanced skills and continue to build on water safety knowledge.
Preschool 1 & 2
Ages: 4-5
Class length: 30 minHelp participants begin to develop positive attitudes and safe practices in and around water while acquiring basic aquatic skills. Prerequisites: Child should be approx. 4 or older and able to separate from caregiver.
Level 1
Ages: 5-12
Class length: 30 minOrient people to the aquatic environment and help them gain basic fundamental aquatic skills.
Level 2
Ages: 5-12
Class length: 30 minBuild on the basic aquatic skills, water safety skills and concepts learned in level 1.Prerequisites: Comfortable with submerging underwater and able to perform skills without assistance.
Level 3
Ages: 6-12
Class length: 40 minBuild on skills from level 1 & 2 through additional guided practice in deeper water (4ft.) and the introduction of rotary breathing.Prerequisites: Able to push off and swim using combined leg and arm action on front for 5 body lengths, roll to back, float for 15 sec, roll to front, then continue swimming for at least 5 body lengths.
Level 4
Ages: 6-12
Class length: 40 minImprove front crawl stroke, elementary backstroke. Intro of back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and open turns.Prerequisites: Tread water for 1 min., swim front crawl for 15 yards, change direction and swim elementary backstroke for 15 yards.
Level 5
Ages: 6-17
Class length: 40 minProvides further coordination and refinement for all strokes, introduces surface dives, shallow dives, flip turns.Prerequisites: Swim front crawl and elementary backstroke for 25 yards each, and back crawl & breaststroke for 15 yards each, and submerge and swim 3-5 body lengths underwater.

Level 6
Ages: 6-17
Class length: 40 minRefines the strokes so students swim them with ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over great distances.  Prerequisites: Able to perform a shallow dive into deep water, swim front crawl & backstroke for 50 yards, elementary backstroke & breaststroke for 25 yards, tread water for 2 min.
Adult Swim: Beginner
Learning the Basics
Ages: 13 & up
Class length: 40 minDevelop comfort level in water and gain basic aquatic skills and swimming strokes. Teach skills and concepts needed to stay safe in and around water. Prerequisites: None
Adult Swim: Intermediate
Improving Skills & Swimming Strokes
Ages: 13 & up
Class length: 40 minImprove proficiency in basic aquatic skills and the six basic swimming strokes as well as building endurance.Prerequisites: Must be comfortable in chest-deep water, able to put face in the water and able to swim front crawl, breaststroke and back crawl for 15 yards each.