George Mason University's SMART Lab – already established as one of the most sophisticated performance and fitness testing centers in the country – is now offering its facilities and services to the public. The SMART Lab is conveniently located on the second floor of the Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center. As a  patron of the Freedom Center, you qualify for the same reduced rates as university faculty and staff!



3-D Gait Analysis

Are you training for a 5K, marathon, or CrossFit event and want to increase your performance? Do you want to run or walk pain free? Get tested on 3-D Gait, the world’s most advanced gait analysis system. Now available at the SMART Lab at George Mason University, one of only three U.S. sites open to the public and the only location in the Washington, D.C area.


Skinfold Analysis


A popular way to measure body composition!

   More accurate than a bathroom scale or BMI estimates, a skinfold analysis   provides you

with a fast and easy measure of your body composition and overall health.


Bod Pod

The gold standard in measuring body composition!

Used extensively by the NFL, the military, and health care organizations, Bod Pod is the most popular service offered by the SMART Lab. The Bod Pod provides a measure of your muscle to fat ratio, an indicator of overall health and a great tool for tracking fitness improvements.



The best measure of cardiovascular fitness!

What are YOU capable of? The VO2max endurance test measures your aerobic capacity. It’s an assessment that especially benefits serious and recreational athletes involved in endurance activities such as cycling, rowing, cross-country skiing, swimming, and running.


The Freedom Center is one of only three locations nationwide – and the only site in the Washington area – where you can obtain a 3-D Gait Analysis. Research has shown that a 3-D Gait assessment can help reduce hip, leg, and lower body injuries by more than 90 percent.

SMART Lab services are provided by appointment only – no walk-ins accepted. Appointments can be made online at

For more information or to reserve a spot online, contact us at [email protected] or call 703-993-7784.