General Class Rules and Regulations

  1. Please arrive on time for class; however, students should arrive no more than 5 minutes ahead of time and should be picked up promptly at dismissal time.
  2. Some classes require parent participation; others prefer that the parents observe from the side or wait outside of room. Please check with instructor. ***If you are interested in using the fitness equipment, track or pool a daily admission fee or membership is required.***
  3. Parents should remain in the building during class time in case of emergency or to escort child to the restroom.
  4. Enrollment is for the registered child only, not siblings. Please refrain from allowing other children to join the class. Disruptive siblings should be removed from the class area.
  5. Please refer to the inclement weather policy for class cancellation due to weather conditions.
  6. Missed classes cannot be refunded, credited or made up unless the cancellation was instructor initiated. This includes snow days.
  7. Withdrawal from any class must be in writing with an explanation of why. Your refund will be subject to a $10 processing fee and the deduction of classes already completed at the time of withdrawal. Cancellations are not permitted once the program begins.
  8. The Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center prohibits smoking, the use of gum and any outside food within the building.
  9. Please be aware that you will be asked to fill out an evaluation form at the completion of the program’s session. Please take the time to complete the form. Previous participant’s suggestions assist in making improvements and changes to our programs.
  10. Any concerns regarding the class should be discussed with the instructor first.  If concern requires more attention, please contact –
    Recreation Program Specialist Amanda Meiklejohn
    703-993-8551/ [email protected] or
    Center Programs Manager Olga O’Brien
    703-993-8510/ [email protected].

Thank you for participating in our program. We hope that your child enjoys the class and has a positive experience!